Black Friday 2017 – 24th November

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Ace the saving game with Black Friday sale 2017


On November 24, 2017, get ready to glue yourself to your PC or laptop screens and stay all geared up to grab the greatest rebates of the year. The clock is ticking and it’s a great idea to finally get your wish list prepared before your favorite things get sold out at the biggest online sale, The Black Friday sale 2017!

This sale is without a doubt the best time for you to shop at popular local and international e-stores. So, it’s so much better to choose early what to purchase to boost your savings. Shopping online is going to be a complete win-win situation while Black Friday sale lasts because it will not just save you from scouring multiple stores but will also help you to get your hands on some exclusive online deals on top of the regular Black Friday deals. Remember, this is one such online sale that can transform all your shopping dreams into a reality!

Black Friday: The biggest bargain hunting festival that emerged in 60s

Black Friday initially emerged in The Unites States in the 60s. After the fourth Thursday in November, when people are done with celebrating the most family-oriented festival called the Thanksgiving, follows the biggest bargain hunting festival called “The Black Friday”.

This falling Friday after Thanksgiving is entirely dedicated to shopping in the US. On this day, US witnesses the most over-crowded sidewalks and the hugest traffic jams along the downtown stores. The local markets and stores are mobbed from early morning to late night. This day is also known to accompany a lot of violence and traffic accidents. Due to such events, a negative connotation started getting associated with Black Friday, which the retailers did not like. The sellers wanted this name to mean in a positive way and here’s how they made an initiative to turn it into a profitable day.

How Black Friday reflects the success of the retailing world?

To associate Black Friday with positivity and success, the retailers used the significance of black inked pens and retailing profits. During the holiday season, when the retail sales increased, the sale books were kept on paper and the accounts were recorded using black colored pens. On the other hand, retailers used red ink to mark their business losses. The aim of doing this was to convert their losses into profits, and once this got associated with Black Friday, it eventually became the largest trade event in the United States.

Gradually, this massive event spread across nations and has now become a global shopping phenomenon. To be precise, Black Friday is an incomparably dominant sale to participate for all those shoppers who like to find real bargains. So, for every smart online shopper in Singapore, this is a must-indulge sale where you just cannot miss to capitalize on the deals that it will be bringing because all the major retailers save their best online deals for Black Friday.

Singapore, simplify your Black Friday 2017 shopping by going online!

Since this is such a gigantic sale, it can be misleading to understand where to begin the search for best deals. Scouring through tens and hundreds of stores to grab the best bargains is a tough job. But the online world has it all sorted for you. So, no matter what’s on your wish list; a latest smartphone, laptop, DSLR, LED, a fashion quintessential, daily essentials like grocery items, kitchenware, home utilities etc., list it down now. Pull up your shopping socks, sit tight, be super quick and on 24 November 2017, when the Black Friday sale begins, shop it all online.

Being your savings partner, CupoNation will also be publishing hundreds of Black Friday 2017 coupons/deals for Singapore and global retailers at one place. You will be able to find the most astounding rebates. Besides, you will also be to access some entirely exclusive Black Friday offers that you won’t discover elsewhere. Our aim is to club multiple online discounts at one place and make them accessible to you for free so that you have easy, quick and convenient access to all the rewarding saving opportunities.

Happy Black Friday Shopping!!

When is Black Friday SG?


In Singapore Black Friday will be on 24th of November 2017, the event & sales will last one day. However some shops have offers that will be extended during the weekend into Cyber Monday, which will be on November the 27th.

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Black Friday shopping Main Categories in Singapore:

  • Other Deals

  • Fashion

  • Electronics

Be informed

Black Friday (24th November) is a global shopping phenomenon with sales amounting over USD 60 Billion worldwide.

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Foodpanda Black Friday Vouchers

Foodpanda Black Friday Vouchers

Foodpanda has a lot of vouchers available especially for Black Friday 2017 with discounts up to 25%
Zalora Black Friday Vouchers

Zalora Black Friday Vouchers

Zalora has a lot of vouchers available especially for Black Friday 2017 with discounts up to 25%
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Expedia Black Friday Vouchers

Expedia has a lot of vouchers available especially for Black Friday 2017 with discounts up to 25%
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Lazada Black Friday Vouchers

Lazada has a lot of vouchers available especially for Black Friday 2017 with discounts up to 25%


Frequently Asked BF Questions

What Is Black Friday?


Black Friday is a yearly event when retailers offer huge savings. It originated in America and has spread throughout the world.

How Did Black Friday Start?


It started when stores wanted a way to increase their profits near the end of the yearly shopping season in the 1960s. Their financial books contained red ink for losses, and the goal was to make them black again for profits.

Should I Wait for Black Friday?


You never have to wait to save money when you have great coupon deals on offer from places like CUPONATION. Black Friday sales are often offered even on days before and after the event date.

Are There Sales Leading Up to Black Friday?


Many retailers will begin to offer Black Friday discounts before the actual date. It’s worth checking them out as soon as possible.

Are There Black Friday Deals Online?


There certainly are online Black Friday deals, and you can beat the crowds by shopping from home. You can find out more on websites like CUPONATION.

Isn’t It Better to Shop In-Store for Black Friday?


Some people love the thrill of being involved in a huge event. Those who are more interested in getting the best savings and in convenience, would do best to shop online.

What Is Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. It is usually a wonderful day for online sales, but most stores already offer Black Friday online deals up to the Monday following the Black Friday event.

Can I Trust Black Friday Online Guides?


There are a lot of great resources for people looking for Black Friday shopping tips. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scammers, so savvy seasoned shoppers prefer to use reliable sites like CUPONATION.

Do Coupons Work On Black Friday?


You bet they do! And there’s no need to wait either, because lots of different specials are already online for you to check out.