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Black-Friday is by now one of the most important shopping events around the world. One tip on how to get more out of Black Friday is to search for deals from shops that ship their products internationally. You can benefit from the best offer that international shops have in different countries. That’s why real deal hunters are looking for the best bargains around the globe.


Combining the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals and shopping abroad helps you to spend less and save more. Therefore we will gather the best offers on Amazon, Aliexpress, Asos, Indigo, John Lewis, Rakuten and many more shops that deliver worldwide.


Black Friday, has become synonymous with getting great deals on everything from toys to electronics to clothing. It’s becoming bigger every year!


Do you also hate finding out that the one thing you need is sold out, in all the surrounding stores? With the huge increase in online shopping, camping out in the parking lots of favored stores is becoming a thing of the past. These days, doing all your Christmas gift shopping (and getting a little something for yourself) is fast, easy and comfortable when done from your own home and have them delivered straight to your door.


Many of your favorite online retailers have added massive Black Friday deals. When you combine all of this extra convenience with the fact that many online retailers are international, you get a Black Friday online shopping experience that is second to none.


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Black Friday Events 2017?
Event Date
Thanksgiving November 23th 2017
Black Friday November 24th 2017
BF weekend November 24th-27th
Cyber Monday November 27th 2017
Black Friday dates upcoming years
Year Date
Black Friday 2017 Nov 24th 2017
Black Friday 2018 Nov 23rd 2018
Black Friday 2019 Nov 29th 2019
Black Friday 2020 Nov 27th 2020
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Source: IBM Commerce
Source: IBM Commerce
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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual event where retailers offer shoppers the biggest discounts and savings of the year. While the first Black Friday shopping event was held all the way back in 1932, the tradition has come a long way. In the US alone, shoppers spent around $12 billion USD on Black Friday purchases in 2015. Of that, $2.74 billion USD was spent online. With numbers like these, you can see why it’s one of the largest sales events of the year. Due to the growth of Black Friday deals being offered around the world, these figures are only set to increase.

How did Black Friday Start?

This shopping event has its roots in the 1930s, with the first being held in 1932. However, the name “Black Friday” wasn’t introduced until the 1960s. As the end of November is the start of the Christmas season for American retailers, offering massive sales became a great way to clear older stock and get ready for the holiday season. At the time, most bookkeeping was done by hand, with retailers using pen and ink. Due to the huge volume of sales and high revenue of this shopping event, red ink – used to denote losses – was exchanged for black ink, which is a sign of a positive balance sheet. Retailers looked forward to their “Black Friday” balances all year, and the name stuck. Over the years, this tradition has developed into a huge media event, with bigger and better sales being offered.

Should I Wait for Black Friday Sales?

When it comes to online shopping, there’s no need to wait for Black Friday sales! Great deals and discounts can be found throughout the year on websites like CupoNation, or For the most amazing Black Friday deals, many retailers offer their discounted prices up to 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Therefore, there’s no need to camp out in front of a store or line up before opening hours. Black Friday online shopping means you get incredible value even at 11pm, from the comfort and security of your own home. But of course most crazy deals you will find on Black Friday itself.

Are There Sales Leading Up to Black Friday?

In order to whet their customers’ appetites, many stores and retailers offer Black Friday deals before the event itself. To find the best opportunities for incredible savings, search for Black Friday discounts in the days leading up to the actual event.

Who participates in Black Friday?

Due to the huge success of Black Friday, more and more shops are offering their most amazing deals every year. The Black Friday madness has pervaded even online-only shops, with Amazon discount codes being quite popular to help shoppers save big on their Christmas shopping. A quick glance will show you that most of your favorite retailers likely participate in Black Friday sales.

Are There Black Friday Deals Online?

Of course – some of the best Black Friday sales are found online! While it started as an in-store event back in the 1930s, Black Friday shopping has undergone a huge transformation. With the recent increase in ecommerce, Black Friday deals can be found both in-store and online. For the savvy shopper, online deals mean no more lining up outside their favorite shops on a cold November day, as most large retailers, such as Walmart, have incorporated Black Friday offers into their online shops.

Isn’t It Better to Shop In-Store for Black Friday?

Like most shopping choices, this is entirely up to the customer. If you love the thrill of getting caught up in the saving spirit, and grabbing the best deals before anyone else, in-store Black Friday shopping can be a huge rush. For the more relaxed shoppers, hunting for the best deals online offers a much more comfortable experience. Besides, even if you do love the in-store atmosphere, you can catch up on any deals you may have missed out on when you get back home!

Can I Trust Black Friday Online Guides?

If you already know and love online shopping, you’ve probably come into contact with some of the Black Friday online shopping guides, or handbooks about “how to save on Black Friday”. While some are trustworthy, there are also many scammers out there who profit from the searches for the best deals. For savvy shoppers, it’s advisable to only use proven savings sites, like CupoNation, or look for curated deal pages with your most wanted items. But never forget to do your own research before you go for a deal to understand if you really have a bargain, or just a high discount number but you still pay too much. Here on, we handpick all the deals with our global team of editors. Still do your double check, but our promise is only to show you the real hot things out there!

Do Coupons Work On Black Friday?

Of course they do! While there are special Black Friday coupons, online shoppers don’t have to wait until this once-a-year event to get a great deal. There are tons of discount codes and coupons available that offer shoppers huge savings throughout the year. Most of those coupons also work for Black Friday discounts, as well!

Are there any other large shopping events that help me to save money?

As online shopping becomes a much more important part of the customer experience, more and more online shopping events take place. Also in November, there are the Diwali sales, celebrating one of the largest gift-giving holidays in India. Likewise, China has their Singles Day on November 11th, and Australia has their Click Frenzy sales. During the summer there is obviously the Back to School sales, and not to miss is Cyber Monday, just after Black Friday. In most parts of the world, the Christmas sales season throughout December is also a great time to find incredible savings. In addition to these holidays and shopping events, individual retailers have started their own shopping events, such as Amazon Prime Day in July, or Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF).