Black Friday 2018 in Australia – 23th of November

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All you need to know about Black Friday in Australia

Black Friday is an annual celebration held on the first Friday right after Thanksgiving. Hence, it was originally celebrated only by Americans. It did originate in the US. However, unlike any other all-American holiday, this one revolves entirely around the shopping.


It is known for creating one crazy frenzy event every single year. It is mainly caused by the severe price-cuts that occur on that day. So, if you are one of those shopping fanatics that would die for a good bargain then, Black Friday would be perfect for you. All the offers you’ll find that day are probably the best you can get all year round. Honestly, what time would be better than this to start doing some early Christmas shopping? Have I caught your attention yet? If so, read on!!

What is Black Friday?

Back in the 1960s, people didn’t enjoy the luxury of having everything handled online, they would have to go physically buy items. The retail sales would increase every holiday season; as a result, they would record their losses in red and their profits in black ink. Shop owners would aim to increase their black ink on their paperwork. So, they would make significant sales and offers to compete with their opposition. Consequently, the holiday was called Black Friday after that and conveniently so.

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When is Black Friday 2018? At what time does it start?

Black Friday is on the Friday right after Thanksgiving. This year, it falls on November the 23rd. As soon as the stores open, they turn into mayhem, and the sales are on. So, be ready for this one because this year will be packed with special surprises.

When is Black Friday?

Year Date
Black Friday 2018 23.11.2018
Black Friday 2019 29.11.2019
Black Friday 2020 27.11.2020
Black Friday 2021 26.11.2021

Most popular stores in Black Friday Australia

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales day. We collect all information around the event for different markets, so that you do not miss anything. Why only shopping where you are? The internet is global and so are we.

Top 15 stores – Black Friday Australia

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Black Friday 2018 in Australia

You can easily do all your shopping online during this Black Friday. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of webpages offering discounts for this special discount, do not worry too much. CupoNation simplifies everything and offers you discounts from top Australian retailers! Every day consumers all around the world rely on CupoNation and use these coupons. For Black Friday 2018, you can find all the relevant coupon codes on one page with deals offering you the latest tech gadgets, fashion retailers and more!

How is Black Friday in Australia compared to the rest of the world

Australian retailers didn’t catch on the trend up until five years ago, but they’ve been getting more and more creative ever since. They now offer deals and bargains that they call “The door busters”, because people were breaking store windows and doors from how good the deals were. Also, to get a feel of what this holiday is all about. Australia has a lot to offer all year round due to its very diverse nature and their hardworking citizens, which led them to pioneer in several fields like gadgets, cars, clothing, etc.


Black Friday shops in Australia

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Frequently asked Black Friday questions

What Is Black Friday?


Black Friday is a yearly event that originated in the US. It is taking now the whole world by storm. It is the day when retailers race to compete with each other while making sweet deals for us, the customers. It is, typically, celebrated on the first Friday right after Thanksgiving. It is the perfect day to do some early Christmas shopping, gadget shopping, etc.

Should I wait for Black Friday?


When you have coupons like the ones offered by CupoNation, you don’t have to wait until  the event itself to save money. Black Friday coupons and sales could even start running a couple of days before and after the event date. So, why would you still go and wait in a mile-long queue to buy your items when they’re just a click away while you are on your couch.

Are there many online offers during Black Friday?


With everyone turning to buy things online instead of physically going to a store, online retailers have stepped up the game to make your online shopping experience the most pleasant experience. You will find an array of products that will be delivered to you perfectly on time and in perfect shape because of that. So, what are you waiting for? So, to answer your question, of course, there are heaps of offers that appear around the time of Black Friday and honestly, what better way to shop than in the comfort of your own home.

What are the Black Friday sales?


Most shops and retailers offer sales ranging from a 10% discount to more than a whopping 70% on the products. The key thing here is that these are perfectly good products, not damaged or nearly-expired. Furthermore, the sales are offered on high products, and this is probably the strongest indication that you should buy everything ahead of time on that day. On this day you can buy anything ranging from underwear to high tech laptops at prices that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I would get it if you didn’t want to look too much and I’ve got the solution for you.

What is Cyber Monday?


The Monday right after Black Friday is when Cyber Monday happens. It’s a day filled with excellent deals on merchandise online only (hence, the name “Cyber”). However, most stores already have offers from Black Friday up to the Monday after the event. Usually, people mix up Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to the narrow time frame that is between both of them. You can find an excellent comparison between them on here.