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With Black Friday right around the corner, would like to give you the possibility to get more knowledge on the different aspects on one of the biggest shopping events in the world. If you are a store owner, journalist, blogger or marketing manager, this is the webinar to sign up for.

Instead of one big webinar, we’ll split it up into short episodes, with different guest speakers for the specific Black Friday related subjects. When signing up, you will receive information on new live episodes: When, what and how. You will also get an exclusive sum up article right before the fun starts on the November 24th.

Episode 1 – What is Black Friday?

First things first: What is Black Friday? In this episode Frank Frössler, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Global Savings Group, explains what it is, what development we have seen over the last years and what can be expected in the years to come.


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Sum up:

  • Black Friday always takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • The event is seen as being the starting gun for the lead-up to Christmas for retailers with customers starting to buy their christmas presents.
  • In their survey of more than 7,600 online shoppers in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, CupoNation found that younger shoppers describe Black Friday as being a more relevant shopping event than Christmas sales.
  • Countries with strong increase in Black Friday interest: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands. In these countries we saw almost a 100% increase of searches for Black Friday from 2015 to 2016. We also expect a strong growth in 2017.
  • As consumers start to make their first purchases for the Christmas period during Black Friday, it is important for online shops to be part of the event as not to lose market share.

Episode 2 – Get traffic through Google

Former Google employee Murat Yatağan gives you tips on how your online shop, newspaper, magazine or blog can get Black Friday traffic through Google. He is a judge for UK Search Awards and MENA Search Awards, with extensive search quality knowledge.

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Sum up:

  • Taking webmaster guidelines into consideration will give you more relevant visits to your site.
  • Every relevant visitor is a possible customer. If Google understands what you are about, your content will be categorized correctly.
  • Google is like any other business: It wants to show the most relevant searches to “customers”. If your content is relevant in your line of business, it should also be relevant for Google users.
  • A trustable website makes you rank better.
  • To make a “Google friendly” site, always make sure you create relevant and usable content, that there are no technical issues on the site, that the brand mentions and links going to your site are of high quality, and that you pay attention to what Google plans next.
  • Optimize your site for mobiles and tablets.
  • Always secure your site to avoid being attacked.
  • Change from HTTP to HTTPS if you haven’t done it yet.

Episode 3 – What Black Friday focus should online stores have?

Thomas Skagen from the e-commerce platform provider discusses what online stores should focus on in the days before and on Black Friday.

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Sum up:

  • Black Friday in Europe has gone from being an interesting curiosity to one of the most important sales events for online stores.
  • There is still a lot of untapt potential in Black Friday.
  • To be able to succeed and cut through all the noise surrounding Black Friday, you need to use your own or partner up with someone who has marketing skills.
  • In 2017, more merchants are prepared for Black Friday, and consumers are more aware of the potential bargains. Do marketing in advance.
  • Before Black Friday, make sure that you have enough products in stock, that your server capacity is good enough, that you have a designated Black Friday area on your landing page.
  • Have a smart pricing strategy, and anticipate your competitors move in that area.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Build an email or phone number list in advance for hourly newsletters on the day. Text messaging can also be effective.

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