Everything you need to know about Black Friday


Originally from the United States, Black Friday tends to become the biggest shopping event of the end of the year outside of America. Black Friday is conquering the world and especially Europe where shoppers become more and more enthusiastic about it.


The magnitude of Black Friday is being measured by CUPONATION across the globe via live updates and live information on the development of the event. Stay tuned as we add data from an ever increasing amount of countries throughout the day. For the data in different countries, please find the links below:

CUPONATION has analyzed global trends around Black Friday and looked in details at what this event has in common in different countries, but also where markets and consumers differ. What can consumers expect for this year? Where can they save the most money? How much can they save? CUPONATION’s experts have analyzed different public and internal data from our savings platforms around the globe and made predictions to help consumers to understand better this rising phenomenon.