Black Friday 2017 in India – 24th of November

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Black Friday 2017

In recent years Black Friday has become the biggest shopping discount day in the world. It always falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US. This year Black Friday will be on 24th November, and in India you can expect to find more deals than ever before!


Retailers across India will offer big discounts both in store and online, on a range of products. We will be listing all the best Black Friday deals, vouchers and flash sales. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of the money-off deals this Christmas shopping season.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday started in the US in the 1960s. Its name came from the black ink that shop owners would use to show their profits back in the days before computing. Black Friday marks the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the run-up to Christmas. Shoppers queue up for hours and scramble for the biggest discounts in stores. Deals are available on all kinds of products from electronic gadgets and household appliances to clothing, shoes and accessories.

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When is Black Friday 2017? At what time does it start?

Black Friday falls on 24th November this year. We expect the sale to be held at least during normal store opening hours. Many stores will open early and close late to cope with the influx of customers. If you have a favourite store, check what time it will be open on Black Friday, and remember that you might need to arrive early and queue up to if you want to be one of the first customers through the doors on 24th November. Many stores offer similar deals online to those in-store, so check back here to find the latest Black Friday deals.

When is Black Friday?

Year Date
Black Friday 2017 24.11.2017
Black Friday 2018 23.11.2018
Black Friday 2019 29.11.2019
Black Friday 2020 27.11.2020
Black Friday 2021 26.11.2021

Most popular stores in Black Friday in India

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales day. We collect all information around the event for different markets, so that you do not miss anything. Why only shopping where you are? The internet is global and so are we.

Top 15 stores – Black Friday India

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Black Friday 2017 in India

The popularity of Black Friday and its sister day Cyber Monday have grown in India over the past few years. Consumers in India have the choice of buying online from US websites that have big Black Friday discounts or shopping at the increasing numbers of India-based stores that take part in the sale. There are plenty of discounts available online as well as in stores across India.

How is Black Friday in India compared to the rest of Asia

As online shopping has become more popular, India is one of the biggest participants in Asia for Black Friday. Some other Asian countries have enthusiastically joined the Black Friday sale. In Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, savvy shoppers search for Black Friday deals via Google. In China, meanwhile, Singles Day on 11th November is the biggest shopping discount day.

How is Black Friday in India compared to the USA

Black Friday deal-hunters in India typically go for gadgets, with these electronics making up almost 50% of sales. Fashion brands are the second most popular category for Black Friday shoppers. It isn’t only Indian websites that draw purchases from consumers, however. Online shoppers in India can take advantage of US deals by using a package forwarding service to shop on US websites and have the products sent on to India.

Black Friday shops 2017 in India


Frequently asked Black Friday questions

What Black Friday deals?


Black Friday Deals are products that are offered at special discount prices. In some stores these deals are only available during Black Friday, while other retailers begin to reduce prices in advance of the event.

We expect to see a range of deals across many product categories available to shoppers in India. In 2016 Microsoft had massive discounts on its xBox, while Sony competed by reducing prices on its Playstation consoles. We expect to see similar discounts this year in electronics, including gadgets and appliances.

Is it safe to buy online during Black Friday?


The Consumer Rights Act 1986 provides consumers in India with six basic rights. However, there is still no specific law relating to online purchases. If you are shopping online during Black Friday, we suggest you buy from well-known and respected retailers. For example, Amazon offers 100% purchase protection to customers, meaning that your transaction is secure, and has a simple returns policy. If in doubt, we recommend you double check the validity of the website you are ordering from. Check for reviews from other customers and a good record of previous online trade.

How Did Black Friday Start


During the 1960s, stores in the US wanted to increase profits towards the end of the year. They used red ink to show losses in their bookkeeping, and black ink to show profit. In November they were keen to increase profits and use more black ink. This led to the name, Black Friday, which has stuck.

Should I Wait for Black Friday?


You don’t need to wait until Black Friday to save money. Some retailers begin their Black Friday sales before the day itself, so keeping checking the website to plan your purchases. You can even begin shopping now – there are already great coupon deals available from websites like CupoNation.

What is Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday falls on the Monday following Black Friday. This year Cyber Monday falls on 27th November. Cyber Monday was launched more recently in 2005 as a discount day for online shopping, a sister day to Black Friday. Most stores have online offers starting from Black Friday and some will have sales running across the whole weekend.

Isn’t It Better to Shop In-Store for Black Friday?


Some people love the thrill of being involved in a huge sales event. They enjoy queueing up and rushing to be one of the first customers inside a store on Black Friday morning. However, if you are really looking for the best savings and convenience, we recommend doing your Black Friday shopping online.