Black Friday 2017 in Singapore

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When is Black Friday?

Year Date
Black Friday 2017 24.11.2017
Black Friday 2018 23.11.2018
Black Friday 2019 29.11.2019
Black Friday 2020 27.11.2020
Black Friday 2021 26.11.2021

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All you need to know about Black Friday

Black Friday falls on the day following Thanksgiving in the United States. In recent years it has become the biggest discount shopping day in the world. This year Black Friday falls on 24 November, and in Singapore you can expect to find more deals than ever before!

From stores and shopping centres to websites, retailers in Singapore will be offering big discounts across a range of products and categories. All the best Black Friday deals, voucher codes and flash sales will be listed here, and you can follow these tips to make the most of your money this Christmas season.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls after the fourth Thursday in November, when people have finished celebrating the family-oriented festival of Thanksgiving. The Friday immediately after Thanksgiving is the biggest bargain-hunting festival in the US, called Black Friday. Although Black Friday initially emerged in the US during the 1960s, it has become very popular outside the US over the past few years.
During Black Friday, the US witnesses overcrowded sidewalks and traffic jams near downtown stores. Stores are mobbed from early morning to late night. Violence and traffic accidents have unfortunately become a part of the Black Friday sale in recent years. Due to such events, it has gained a negative reputation in some areas, but retailers are determined to turn things around and make Black Friday into a pleasurable shopping day for customers. Although Singapore has not seen violence related to Black Friday, shopping online is one way to avoid the scramble for discounts in stores.

When is Black Friday? At what time does it start?

Black Friday falls on 24th November this year. Many stores will begin their online discounts before the day, so check your favourite store websites to find out what time they will announce their deals. Some stores will operate longer opening hours on Black Friday, opening early and closing late to deal with the increased number of customers.

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales day. We collect all information around the event for different markets, so that you do not miss anything. Why only shopping where you are? The internet is global and so are we.

Top 15 stores – Black Friday Singapore

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Black Friday 2017 in Singapore

Since Black Friday is such a massive sale, it can be hard to know where to begin the search for the best deals. Scouring through hundreds of stores to grab the best bargains is a tough job. But the online world has it all sorted for you. Whether you want to buy a gadget such as the latest smartphone, laptop, or DSLR camera, or a fashion quintessential, Singapore retailers are sure to have discounts on these products for Black Friday. In 2016, Orchard Road stores such as Robinsons, Courts and Sephora all had big discounts as part of their Black Friday sales. Online retailers such as Zalora also took part in the event. We expect to see similar discounts this year, so plan your purchases and keep checking the website to find out where to get the best deals for your money.

How is Black Friday in Singapore compared to the rest of Asia

Singaporean shoppers are some of the biggest fans of Black Friday in Asia, with Singaporeans leading the Southeast Asian countries in searching for the best deals online. Neighbouring countries Malaysia and Indonesia also take part in the Black Friday event. Elsewhere in Asia, India is a big participant, but in China, Singles Day on 11th November is more popular for shopping discounts.

How is Black Friday in Singapore compared to the USA

In the US, shoppers sometimes turn violent as they scramble to pick up the best deals in store. In Singapore the shopping is less frenzied, with some stores preferring to focus on Christmas sales events at this time of year rather than Black Friday. Singapore also has its annual Great Singapore Sale which falls during June to August. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find good deals for Black Friday in Singapore. Recent years have seen more retailers using Black Friday as an important retail day, especially for online stores.

Black Friday shops in Singapore

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Frequently asked Black Friday questions

What Is Black Friday?


Black Friday is an annual shopping event when retailers offer massive savings on products purchased in store and online. Black Friday originated in the US and has since spread across the world to Europe and Asia. Black Friday always takes place in November, just after Thanksgiving, and is a great time to begin your Christmas shopping.

Should I wait for Black Friday?


There is no need to wait until Black Friday to save money! Black Friday discounts are often available for days before and after the event date, so it is better to keep checking the website and consider making your purchase before Black Friday. You can even start saving money now with great coupon deals from websites like CupoNation.

Are there many online offers during Black Friday?


In 2016, there were lots of online offers available to Singaporean consumers during Black Friday, and we expect there to be even more discounts this year. Online retailer Zalora has already announced discounts of up to 70% as part of a whole weekend of deals for Black Friday 2017. Other retailers are sure to announce their deals soon, so keep checking the website.

What are the Black Friday deals?


Black Friday deals are special discounts applied for the Black Friday event. Some products are sold at reduced prices for a limited time only, during the 24 hours of Black Friday, while others will be discounted for several days in the run-up to Black Friday. There is often only a limited stock available of items on sale, so you need to be quick to make your purchases. Check the website frequently in the run-up to Black Friday to stay up-to-date with the discounts and find out which stores have got the best offers.

What is Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after Black Friday, which is 27th November this year. It is the sister day of Black Friday, aimed at online retailers. But in practice, many retailers offer online deals for Black Friday running through the whole weekend to Cyber Monday.