Amazon’s Black Friday 2018

All you need to know about Amazon’s Black Friday deals & discounts

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and is credited for bringing Black Friday sales to the UK. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events in the UK and typically starts on the last friday of November and usually continues throughout the following weekend. On Black Friday, Amazon will have some of the most competitive discounts on products ranging from electricals and software, clothes and shoes, books, fitness items, home appliances, and many others. What does the store promote specifically for Black Friday? Amazon usually has discounts in every department with as much as 49% off on some electronics and as high as 75% off on jewellery such as rings, with many discounts also offered on Amazon’s own products, such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire tablet.

How can I get the best savings on Black Friday at Amazon?

On Black Friday, you should watch Amazon very closely as they update their offers regularly throughout the day. You can browse Amazon’s website to see what they currently have in stock. The best way you can keep yourself updated with Amazon’s Black Friday deals is to follow them on social media by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter, where they will be posting some of their best deals. Customers can also save at Amazon with their free delivery service. Books dispatched by Amazon are delivered free when you spend just £10, and other Amazon products ship for free when you spend £20 or more. You can also keep yourself updated with the latest Amazon deals on your phone by using Amazon’s mobile app, so you won’t miss a deal wherever you are.

What deals can I expect on Black Friday at Amazon?

In 2017, Amazon offered some of the best discounts available on tablets, home electrical appliances such as electric toothbrushes, smart TVs, and even discounts on jewellery.

When is Black Friday at Amazon in 2018?

In 2017, Amazon’s Black Friday sale started 12 days earlier on Monday the 14th, and ended on 25 November. In 2018 we are expecting Amazon’s Black Friday deals to start on a similar date and last a similar length.

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Even though it’s not Black Friday, can I still save money at Amazon?

Definitely. Amazon is the home of online discounts and you are bound to find something discounted.

  • Use coupons from websites such as DailyMail.
  • You can search what products Amazon currently has deals on here.
  • Amazon Prime users will also able to make savings on Amazon 30-day Prime free trial.
  • A great way to keep updated with Amazon’s latest deals is to sign up to their deals newsletter.

What kind of products does Amazon offer throughout the year to its customers?

There’s not a day that goes by without a deal being offered at Amazon. Amazon has a monopoly on online retail in almost all categories, from clothes to electronics and furniture to jewellery, and has some of the most competitive prices and deals. However, before you purchase anything, always check online just in case there are any coupon codes available. You can also sign up to newsletter for more updates.

Best handpicked Amazon’s Black Friday Deals

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Amazon’s fast facts

What you can expect from Amazon on Black Friday:

  1. Scale: Up to 50% off kitchen appliances, up to 60% off makeup collections and up to 75% off jewellery.
  2. Deal categories: Electronics, jewellery, clothes, video games, books, household appliances.
  3. Offer dates: Likely to be 12 days of savings, similar to 2017 starting on Monday the week before Black Friday.
  4. Other ways to save: Amazon deals, Amazon Prime Day, free delivery service and Amazon’s mobile app.

What were the best Amazon Black Friday deals in 2017?

  • 60% off women’s watches
  • 50% off suitcases
  • 58% off 128 GB SanDisk memory cards
  • 60% off make up kits
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