The ultimate “Black Friday Laptop Deals” guide

When Black Friday comes around, you will quickly observe that a number of retailers start to offer some amazing deals on laptops. No matter what you may use your laptop for, there will undoubtedly be something for everyone from those that are perfect for video editing, to simply browsing the Internet, and so much more.

But there is a problem. The problem is with the deals themselves. It will often be the case that the prices are slashed by such a huge percentage that they are sold out in no time at all. You need to be able to act fast and already know what it is that you are looking for before Black Friday hits. So, to make life easier, this laptop buying guide will provide you with the chance to narrow down your options and grab the perfect laptop to suit your needs. 

1. Think carefully about your needs

Start by thinking carefully about what you need your laptop to be capable of doing in advance of Black Friday. This makes a difference when it comes to the power, storage capacity, and even the type of hard drive that you must look for and it will quickly allow you to eliminate various options. If you are unsure as to what is meant by terms such as the processor, then keep reading as we will explain it later.

2. The brand name and size

Everything apart from a laptop manufactured by Apple will run on Windows by Microsoft. Some prefer it, whereas others cannot look past the capabilities of the Mac software and operating system. It is generally accepted that if you are purchasing a laptop for being creative, then the software that runs on a Mac is generally better than on a Windows based system.

You should also give some consideration to the size. Laptops do come with various screen sizes with 15” to 17” being the most popular. Often, the larger the screen then the larger the price, but once again it comes back to why you want the laptop when determining the size of the screen. Creative reasons will certainly benefit from a larger screen than those that are perhaps planning on using office based software or browsing the Internet. 

3. Do you want a 2 in 1?

A 2 in 1 laptop is a relatively new invention and it relates to laptops that can also turn into tablet computers. They are pretty cool and they are far more portable, but when it comes to what they can do, then the more traditional clam style laptop will prove to be the better option for most people.

4. Don’t forget the keyboard

The keyboard is more important than most people realise. If you look carefully at some designs, then the keys can be rather close together making it harder to operate your computer. Also, look at where the power button is located as some designs have them too close to other keys resulting in people switching off their laptop by mistake. Think carefully about the ergonomic design of the keyboard and that there is enough space to rest your wrists as this makes it more comfortable to use for a prolonged period of time.

5. Looking at the specs

The specs are also extremely important when deciding on the laptop that you want to purchase. You will want something that has some speed, so ideally the processor should be an i5 or even an i7. However, at the lower end of the price range, check for an AMD processor or a Celeron processor. Do note that the Celeron processors do tend to use up more battery power.

Also, there is the RAM and you should not go for anything that is less than 4GB and it is better if you can stretch your budget to 8GB. This should provide enough power so your new laptop doesn’t lag at all.

The other main area with the specs is the hard drive. An SSD hard drive will be best if you plan on editing video as it renders faster. For space, push as high as you can go and 1TB might not be too expensive for you. The more space, the more you can store on your laptop.

6. Consider the battery life

The problem with some laptops is the way in which the battery appears to drain within seconds. Ideally, you should have something that has a battery life of a minimum six hours although there are numbers on the market that provide you with over 8 hours of life. This is less important if you are only going to be using the laptop at home as you can just use a normal power supply.

7. Build a list of stores that will have deals

When you have worked out the type of laptop that you require, then it’s best to begin to build a list of stores that you need to keep an eye on when it comes to Black Friday. Their sales may begin at different times, so staying alert is essential.

8. Create links for websites that will have the best Black Friday deals

It’s best to be prepared, and you don’t want to have to search for websites on the day itself. Instead, you should create a list of links to websites that you know will have the best Black Friday deals on laptops. With potential savings of over 30% in some instances, you can understand how they will be snapped up in no time at all if you fail to act fast enough.

9. Final considerations

The final considerations when looking at purchasing a laptop on Black Friday is just making sure that you get that amazing deal. If you are relatively new to the world of computers, then focus on brand names such as Sony, Dell, Apple, Asus, Lenovo or Acer as they tend to have the best reputation for reliability.

Aside from that, if you are restricted on budget and want something cheap with less of the bells and whistles, then consider a Chromebook from Google. They cannot do the same number of things as a Mac or a Windows based computer, but if you just want to surf the Internet, then they can be ideal.

Choosing a laptop can be easier than you think. All that is required from you is to take your time and think carefully about what you need it for, and then find the best deal. On Black Friday in the UK, there will undoubtedly be something out there for you, but you need to act fast or run the very real risk of being left disappointed.

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