The ultimate “Black Friday TV Deals” guide

Find out about all the best TV offers on Black Friday, including where to pick up the biggest deals and how to save money before and after the sale.

Every year on Black Friday, loads of shops put a great amount of TVs on sale. If you want to watch your favourite series on a new TV, you want to make use of this day as you can save quite some money. The problem is: despite the large selection of TVs during Black Friday, the deals are sold out fast. This is why we have put this ultimate “Black Friday TV Deals” guide together. To capture a great Black Friday TV deal, take the following steps:

TV deals

On Black Friday, many stores will have 100s of offers, especially on TVs. Don’t miss out on the offer that would be ideal for you by placing a shortlink to different sites. From our experience in the past years, we compiled the following list for you:

Enjoy the best TV deals

LG 55SK8500PLA 55-inch Smart 4K TV

Smart LG 55SK8500PLA TV enriched with AI technologies, enhanced and detailed picture and cinema-style sound!



SAMSUNG UE49NU8070 49-inch Smart 4K LED TV

This premium Samsung UE49NU8070 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV gives you the best picture and you will never miss a detail!



Sony KD55XF7073 55-Inch TV in Silver

This Sony BRAVIA XF70 will provide you with powerful technologies to bring you 4K High Dynamic Range picture quality and a whole range of Smart TV features.



Sony Bravia KD43XE8004 43-inch TV

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K HDR: incredible contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail! Google Assistant, YouView and Freeview HD.



Samsung 49 Inch 49NU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR

Enjoy a beautifully vibrant Ultra HD certified experience with our NU7100 UHD TV. With true Ultra HD 4K colour and clarity you can enjoy the latest movies in more colour and detail than ever before.



TV features

Invest some time before Black Friday to discover what killer features you want for your new TV

Everyone prefers something different for their new TV. Seeing that you are most likely to have your TV for 4 to 10 years, you should really take the time to understand what is most important to you. Don’t get too hung up on the “perfect” TV though! Black Friday deals often feature specific models and the good ones will sell like hotcakes. So if you really want that one TV with over 20 features, you might be better off focusing your Black Friday bargain hunt on something else.

We recommend considering the following features for your Black Friday bargain:

  • Resolution: Choose between HD, Full HD and Ultra HD. Based on your budget, staying with lower resolutions can help you save quite some money. But if your budget allows, we would highly recommend a Full HD TV for quality binge-watching. Why not a 4K resolution, you might think. That is because there are still quite a few TV channels that do not support the 4K resolution. So even if your TV can display 4K in theory, in praxis you will not be able to see any difference. It is of course a different story if you use your TV for gaming or watching Blue-ray.
  • Size: TVs come in different sizes. Choose from 24’’ to over 70’’ by measuring your room size and the distance between your couch and the TV. You can find ballpark figures on how to choose the right distance in the table below. But be careful – tastes are very personal and we highly recommend you test your preference in real life beforehand.
  • Smart TV and 3D TVs: Think about the features you really need here. Especially Smart TVs are gaining traction now, as more and more people want to stream content on their TVs. Our recommendation: Smart TVs are the way to go.
  • Last but not least: Choose your brand. In the end, all TV manufacturers have their own strengths and designs. If you can decide which manufacturers are your number one and two, likelihood is you’re going to find a great deal on Black Friday! Most prominent TV producers today:
Family watching TV
Sony logo

Although there is a lot of more things to consider when buying a TV, we recommend not to give yourself too many constraints if you want to really nail a great deal. Cheap prices come easier with more personal flexibility. If you are looking for more ways to find what’s the right TV for you, also check out this great TV buying guide at Techradar.

Top TV stores

Create a list of shops you would consider buying from

Do you have any stores you absolutely love or hate? Browse the different deals from those online stores you would consider buying from. Here you will find a list of the largest online shops in the UK.

You can also check our page which shops will likely have TVs in their Black Friday offers. Large electronic shops we expect great TV deals from this year:

Check out these Black Friday stores

Your budget

Set your budget

During your research, make sure you get a feeling of what price range your preferred TV is in. You should not aim for less than a 30% discount on Black Friday. You could set your budget at 50% of the normal price, but this will of course reduce the likelihood of a successful deal on Black Friday.

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