Bobbi Brown Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Bobbi Brown Black Friday sale in the UK


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Unmissable Bobbi Brown Black Friday deals

If you don’t have any Bobbi Brown cosmetics in your makeup bag, you certainly are missing out. This iconic brand has spent decades empowering women. The brand aims to help women highlight their natural beauty. Pick up some of Bobbi Brown’s most popular items in the next Black Friday sale.

The history of Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is an American makeup artist and businesswoman. She first launched her cosmetic line back in 1991. In the very beginning, she sold only 10 lipsticks from Bergdorf Goodman in New York. These lipsticks proved to be a complete hit. On the first day of selling, 100 units were sold. This was the first monthly sales prediction!

Following this overwhelming debut, Bobbi Brown cosmetics expanded. Soon the brand started selling a range of makeup and accessories. This included the famous foundation sticks, brushes, shimmer bricks and even more. Four years after the brand was launched, Bobbi sold it to beauty conglomerate Estée Lauder. However, the original ethos of female empowerment is still maintained.

Bobbi Brown Black Friday set

The Bobbi Brown website is THE place to be on Black Friday. The brand has its own Black Friday sets, only available during the yearly sale period. These sets contain a host of your favourite Bobbi Brown products at a huge Black Friday discount. New to Bobbi Brown? There’s no better way to try out Bobbi Brown cosmetics than with a Black Friday set selection.

Bobbi Brown sales

There are other ways to save with Bobbi Brown besides the sets. On and around Black Friday the brand has hosted a range of discount events and early access. Make sure you are signed up to the mailing list to keep in the loop.

Why you should buy directly with Bobbi Brown

Though Bobbi Brown is stocked with multiple beauty retailers, there are many savings advantages of shopping directly on their own site. For example, the Bobbi Brown website offers free samples with purchases. This allows you to trial run new makeup products before committing to buy. There is also the option of ‘Try Me Guarantee.’ which allows you to return and exchange samples that aren’t right for you.

Get ready for Black Friday with Bobbi Brown

Be ultra-prepared for Black Friday when shopping with Bobbi Brown. Visit the website to join the Black Friday waitlist. Just provide your name and email to receive a full 24 hours early access before anyone else.

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