Chromecast Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Chromecast Black Friday sale in the UK


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Chromecast is waiting for you

Smart TVs and their accessories are the best-sold items during Black Friday sales. And what better way to compliment your TV than a smart media plater. If you are looking for a device that can stream all kinds of content, you can’t go wrong with Chromecast. We tell you all about it, so you can find the greatest deals this Black Friday.

Google’s take on home streaming

Chromecast is Google’s competitor for all-in-one media streamers. It’s essentially the hub for all your home entertainment needs. You’ll only need to connect Chromecast to your TV and synchronise it with your phone or mobile device. Then, you’ll be able to control everything from there. These are some of the basic features that you can have with Chromecast:

  • Access to hundreds of streaming, music and gaming apps. Much like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, with a few extras.
  • Casting files from your computer and devices to your TV.
  • Mirroring your phone’s screen or computer browser on your TV.

If you’re looking for a simple and efficient experience, Chromecast is an amazing choice. Especially if you pair it up with Google TV. This system is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

Chromecast 3rd Gen or Chromecast Ultra?

Before 2021, this was one of the most common questions among people buying a Chromecast. But, we’ve done the research for you. The Chromecast Ultra was once the top option. Now, Google has essentially released Chromecast + Google TV as its replacement. Technically, you can still find Ultra with some retailers. However, it’s probably wiser to invest on newer models. The question now is: Do you want to have your Chromecast 3 alone or together with Google TV? We have the answer.

The perfect match: Chromecast + Google TV

A benefit of buying Chromecast is that it’s compatible with Google’s features. Google TV is one of them. Buying a Chromecast + Google TV bundle will take your streaming to the next level. And for a moderate price.
The standard Chromecast device can stream anything from your phone, tablets, or laptop to your TV. But, it may not offer the best quality. For its price and performance, Chromecast + Google TV may be a better option. For example:

  • It allows multimedia casting up to a 4K resolution – which is becoming more popular.
  • It supports multiple audio formats with improved quality.
  • You’ll be able to stream content directly from your TV without your mobile device.
  • It comes with a physical remote control.
  • It includes a Google Assistant at the ready. It can help with anything, from finding the latest movies to the nearest pizza place.
  • It’s able to connect with all of Google Nest’s systems. For example, thermostat controls, lighting and security cameras.

A word of advice: If your TV doesn’t support 4K and you don’t mind controlling your TV from your phone, it’s better to stick with Chromecast alone. Choosing really depends on your budget and the streaming quality you want.

Chasing the best offers for Chromecast

Competition is on within the media streaming market. That’s why Google often features sliced prices for its Chromecast products. So, what about Black Friday deals?

Last year, products like Chromecast 3 had a 30% discount. Unfortunately, Chromecast + Google TV was not on sale. But, don’t worry! At £49.99 this bundle is already quite affordable compared to similar products. And, who knows? Maybe this year it’ll be on sale.

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