Coffee grinder Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Coffee grinder Black Friday sale in the UK


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Coffee grinders

The UK is a nation of coffee drinkers. Despite the rising popularity of pod and capsule coffee, classic ground coffee is still one of the most popular ways of drinking coffee. This is partly due to the falling prices of coffee machines and the accessible costs of grinders. Ground coffee can be used in more than just a French Press.
Having a quality coffee grinder in your home means you can create barista grade fine coffee in a variety of ways:

  • Caffatiere
  • Espresso Machine

There are also other ways you can use your ground coffee:

  • You can use the used grounds as a fertiliser for your plants
  • For scouring pans of dirt
  • You can even use the coffee grounds as a face mask

Not only is a grinder genuinely a great multipurpose tool for the house and garden, it is also a must have for coffee lovers.

What are the most popular coffee grinder brands in the UK?

Some of the most well known coffee brands do grinders, such as:

  • De’longhi
  • Smeg
  • Whittard

Retailers make a point of keeping these brands well stocked. They are also rotated into and out of discount pricing. Black Friday is where the real savings happen. Other retailers such as John Lewis and Wayfair also do their own brand grinders. Other companies like Bodum and Grind One produce a range of grinders suitable for any household.
The price of these items does vary. Coffee grinders are so ubiquitous in retailers they tend to be very reasonably priced. We will find a coffee grinder that suits your needs – whether you’re looking for a cute and affordable grinder or a high-end café-style grinder.

What are the most popular individual grinders in the UK?

According to, the most popular brands of coffee grinder are:

  • Sage Smart Grinder Pro
  • Sboly Conical Burr
  • De’longhi KG79

The prices on these popular items are within the range of £45-200. All three grinders offer a great variance in cost. Hopefully this inspires coffee lovers to buy one no matter their spending limits.
Black Friday will provide some excellent opportunities to get a bargain. There is such a wide range of branded machines on offer. And the choices are supplemented by own brand offers from retailers like John Lewis. Customers are spoilt for choice.

What are the cheapest coffee grinders on the market?

Cheaper offers from companies like Cookworks or own brand offers from retailers like John Lewis are typical. These units retail for anything between £5 and £25. If you want to go really old school you can buy a hand grinder for as little as £10.
Getting a great sale on Black Friday takes a bit of searching. But with the on your side we can make sure you get first refusal for any coffee grinder on offer.