Drone Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Drone Black Friday sale in the UK

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Find the drone for you

Are you a keen amateur photographer? Or someone who works in videography? A Black Friday Drone deal could be what you need. Drones are not just novel consumer items any more. They have become essential tools used by professional videographers and photographers. They are increasingly used across a wide range of marketing, branding and sports too.
Due to their incredible versatility, durability, and better battery life, they are more in demand than ever. Drones such as DJI Mavic 3 or DJI Mini 3 Pro are user friendly and cheap to operate. Due to the overwhelming affordability of the tech used to power them they are dropping in price year on year. Black Friday gives you the opportunity to grab an amazing deal on a drone of your choosing. As long as you know where to look and know what constitutes a good deal.

Popular drone brands

The most popular drone brands in the UK are:

  • DJI
  • Ryze
  • PowerVision
  • Holy Stone
  • Eachine

Prices for a consumer drone can vary between £99 and £500, with more premium drones rising to above £7000. Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to research your brands and understand where you can get bang for your buck.

Where can you pick up a good Black Friday deal on a drone?

Generalist retailers such as Argos and Currys offer a wide range of drones. You can also pick up quality drones from more specialist retailers such as:

  • flybydrones.co.uk
  • dronesdirect.co.uk
  • laptopsdirect.co.uk

We expect to see the cheaper, more consumer-friendly drone companies such as Xtreme and Eachine to have a range of great Black Friday deals. At the more premium end of the market, such as DJI, Black Friday deals may be few and far between. If they do come on the market, the Black-friday.sale will know.

Camera quality

If you’re looking for a drone with great camera quality, your best bet brands are going to be DJI, Autel or Powervision. Prices for these specialist camera drones start at approximately £1000. A Black Friday discount for one of these would go a long way.

Cheap Drones

Some drone brands offer very cheap drones at a fraction of the cost they once were. Xtreme offer a drone for £99, and SkyHawk do a drone for £59. The barrier to entry for these perfectly accessible and user friendly drones is incredibly low. The reviews are increasingly glowing. Cheap drones are not what they once were. As the tech powering the drones drops in the price, consumers will find their price dropping too.

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