Hoverboard Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Hoverboard Black Friday sale in the UK


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Finding a Black Friday Hoverboard deal

Hoverboards are one of the most popular consumer goods on the UK market, and their popularity is only growing. Here at the Black Friday Club we help consumers find the best hoverboard deals. A Black Friday deal might be the best way to finally get your hands on a hoverboard. Especially considering the vast price range and wide array of brands making hoverboards.

What popular brands are included in Black Friday deals?

Finding the right hoverboard for you is a lesson in patience. The quality of product on the market is getting better and more varied by the year. The entertainment hoverboards give is undeniable. Hoverboards are super fun and provide endless opportunities for travelling in style.

There are a range of hoverboards most commonly sold in the UK, and some of the most well known brands are:

  • Official Hoverboard
  • Segbo
  • Segway Ninebot Hoverboards
  • Hitway
  • Colorway
  • Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard
  • EPIKGO Hoverboard

What are the most popular brands of Hoverboard in the UK?

According to Eridehero.com, the most popular hoverboards in the UK are:

  • Halo Rover X
  • Swagtron T6 Outlaw
  • Gotrax SRX Pro
  • Segway Ninebot S

Hoverboards are widely available from retailers such as Argos. They are also sold via specialist sites such as officialhoverboard.co.uk and hoverboardx.co.uk. These specialist retail channels are competitive. Most hoverboards come in a variety of colours and sizes, which impacts price. However, they are always updating with new products and ranges.

The most important thing to remember is Hoverboards can be dangerous tech. You should not use them near roads or traffic, and ideally not on pavements. They are primarily for fun and entertainment and with a bit of practice you’ll be a natural. Each brand will have their own health and safety guidelines, so make sure you read them.

What are the average prices of a hoverboard?

Hoverboards come in a range of prices, and can range from £140 to £400 per hoverboard. The cheapest hoverboard comes in at approx £139.99: the Hover-1 Helix, and the Mega Motion 6.5 comes in at £146. The most expensive consumer branded hoverboard is £997. This is the Halo Rover, but the EPIKGO range is generally the most premium brand and prices range from $249 to £339.

Black Friday deals are incredibly common with this fun bit of tech

We expect prices to drop considerably on the day. Each brand will have their own specific discount options, and most retailers will want to make the most of their popularity. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get first refusal on all Black Friday hoverboards.

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