Instax camera Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Instax camera Black Friday sale in the UK


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Instax Camera

Creative, social, and fun, Instax camera’s are the go-to for capturing heartfelt moments instantly. Based on the Polaroid instant film system, the images are produced in minutes of snapping a shot.

There’s something very nostalgic about an Instax photograph. In a world so digital, it feels special to hold those moments in your hands. Why not frame your images, stick them on your wall, or create a photo album? With the Instax Camera Black Friday deal, you can make memories to last a lifetime, all at a better price.

About Instax Camera

Inspired by the sentimental and carefree feel of Polaroids, Instax cameras were created by Fujifilm. Instax cameras offer two options, the Instax mini and the Instax WIDE. The joy of Instax cameras is being able to have photographs immediately in your hands.

How does it work?

The instant film that Instax use, is called integral film. This works because of the layers of emulsion and developing dye. They are situated within the ‘sheet’. The chemicals are contained in the white border, known as the ‘sack.’ When the film prints, this is when the developing process actually starts. One benefit of Instax is that you don’t need to peel off the negative images or even shake the image as it sets. Within minutes your photo will appear, revealing the very moment you just captured.

Instax Options

Fujifilm’s Instax cameras offer a large selection of designs and styles. Choosing your favourite colour is all part of the fun. There’s an Instax camera to suit everyone. You can for example choose from:

  • Mini 11
  • Mini 40
  • Mini 90
  • Mini LiPlay
  • Square SQ1
  • WIDE 300

You’ll find a whole rainbow of colours to choose from. Whether it’s soft, pastel colours or bright and bold, there’s something to match your style. From Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, to Flamingo Pink, Instax cameras are fun and stylish. Hold out until Black Friday to find the best Instax camera savings.

Check Out the Instax Mini 9

The Instax mini 9 is a bestselling Instax camera for many reasons. Not only can you pick from an array of colours, but it also features a selfie mirror. It included a close-up lens attachment and a high key mode. This means you can adjust the brightness dial to high key mode so you can take photos with a softer impression. The Instax mini 9 automatically recommends the best brightness for your photo depending on the lighting.

Instax Camera Reviews

For retro vibes, perfect for any social occasion, then the Instax cameras work a treat. Create memories with family and friends that you can print immediately. The iconic cameras each offer different benefits. For instance, if you want something that’s easy to use with a selfie mode, then the mini 11 might be for you. If you want something with a little more creative control then the mini 70 might be a better choice.

Add the Instax Printer

If you don’t need the camera but want to print pictures instantly, then the Instax Printer is an exciting format. With the printer, you can print photos from your smartphone or tablet. Instead of storing photos on your phone, why not give them a new life by creating a physical version. As long as you have iOS or Android, simply download the Instax share app to print off your best memories.

Instax Cameras create moments that you can treasure for a long time. With Instax Black Friday deals you can document your world for a great price!

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