Medik8 Black Friday Deals for 2023

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About Medik8

Medik8 is a team made up of professionals with over 40 years of experience. They specialise in skincare providing products that target particular skin conditions. They are a brand heavily featured in spas and doctors with proven results.
This is not a brand that invests in marketing or gimmicky packaging. They instead focus on creating products that work. They mix experience with high-quality ingredients at the right percentages to create results. They also have firm policies around animal testing and aim to be zero waste by 2023. Medik8 only use clean ingredients and always buy from ethical sources.

Medik8’s best products

They have several bestsellers, most of which are anti-ageing products:

  • First up is Crystal Retinal. A nighttime serum with vitamin A to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A lot of the reviews mentioned minimal irritation from the retinol. As well as tighter-looking skin within the first few weeks of using.
  • Next is the Vitamin C Serum. This product works to brighten the skin and minimise signs of ageing. It is a bestseller and for good reason. The reviews boast a more even texture to the skin and a glowy finish.
  • We then have the Hydr8 B5 Intense. It’s a serum that helps lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated all day. The reviews speak for themselves. Many customers found their skin appeared much plumper. They also found it was the only thing to truly moisturise their dry skin.
  • They also have top reviews on their glycolic acid products and night creams that are well worth a look.

Medik8 Black Friday deals

Medik8s high-quality formulas come with a high price tag. But if you keep up to date with their website, they give great deals for Black Friday. In previous years they have slashed prices on top products. With 30% off on their own site and various other deals on others. This includes bulk discounts online. In-store discounts gave up to 20% so customers could get anti-ageing products at a steal.

Access Top Deals

Aside from Medik8 Black Friday offers, there are other ways to save money. The best way is to become one of their VIPs. Just go on to their website and join their loyalty scheme. You’ll get notified of the latest deals, new products, and even 15% off on their site.

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