Nike Air Force 1 Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Nike Air Force 1 Black Friday sale in the UK


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Get in fast with Nike Air Force 1 Black Friday deals

The instantly recognisable Nike Air Force 1 trainer has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decades. They certainly aren’t the most affordable shoes on the market, so are great to snap up in a Black Friday deal.

History behind Nike Air Force 1

Sportswear brand Nike debuted their Air Force 1 model way back in 1982. The trainers proved hugely popular with the famous basketball players of the day. Since the 1980s, Nike Air Force 1’s have been a worldwide hit. They have found acclaim not only as a sports shoe but also as a versatile everyday trainer.

Reviews of Nike Air Force 1

With all that popularity and hype, Nike Air Force 1’s must be pretty good right? Decades’ worth of reviews has concluded the following:
Nike Air Force 1’s appear to not only be one of the most recognisable trainers in the world, but also the most comfortable. They take a little while to break in, but after provide the ultimate everyday comfort. These trainers have the iconic thick sole that contains an air pocket for all-day comfort.
Historically Nike Air Force 1’s have been utilised mainly as a trainer best suited for sports. However, the popularity of the model has found it launched into the mainstream as well. The versatility of the Nike Air Force 1 lends them to being stylish everyday shoes.

Finding Nike Air Force 1 on sale

Hundreds of retailers stock the famous Nike Air Force 1 trainers. This means hundreds of possibilities to find sales and discounts! Though still high in public demand, it is possible to find these trainers at least discounted if not on sale. Take note of when Nike Air Force 1 stockists hold flash sales on their website. Most will hold deals on Black Fridays too. You may just be able to pick up your next pair of Nike Air Force 1 for less than you think.

Create your own custom Nike Air Force 1

The huge appeal of Nike Air Force 1’s is the endless customisation possibilities. Alongside their vast range of shoes, Nike also has the option of Nike ID. Nike ID is a service that allows customers to completely customise their own pair of shoes. Meaning you can create a pair of Nike Air Force 1 completely unique to you and your personal style. Nike ID allows you to change up the colour, design and performance features for an added fee.

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