Sainsbury’s Black Friday 2018 deals

All you need to know about Sainsbury’s Black Friday deals & discounts

Sainsbury’s is one of the largest supermarkets in the UK and has some of the most competitive prices available. Black Friday is the biggest retail event of the year and usually takes place on the last friday of November, where customers can make some unbelievable savings. On Black Friday, Sainsbury’s will have deals on a selection of products across their store, particularly electronics. What does the store promote specifically for Black Friday? Sainsbury’s usually has deals on tablets, HD TVs, laptops and household appliances, with savings as high as £220 on some products.

How can I get the best savings on Black Friday at Sainsbury’s?

On Black Friday, Sainsbury’s will be competing with a number of its other supermarket rivals for the best deals and will be constantly updating what they have on offer to beat them. You can browse what products Sainsbury’s currently has now here. You can also be made instantly aware of some of Sainsbury’s best deals by following them on social media, go like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, where they will post some of their best deals. Remember to act quickly as they may not last long. Sainsbury’s also has a variety of delivery options which customers can use to make savings, including Sainsbury’s delivery pass which can save you up to £126 a year or you can receive a free delivery when your order is over £100 and you choose a time slot after 2pm Monday to Thursday. You can also use Sainsbury’s click and collect service, which is free when you spend more than £40 and ready the next day.

What deals can I expect on Black Friday at Sainsbury’s?

In 2017, Sainsbury’s offered some of the best discounts on cameras with savings as high as £220, £50 off wireless Bluetooth headphones and as much as £115 off Dyson vacuum cleaners.

When is Black Friday at Sainsbury’s in 2018?

In 2017, Sainsbury’s launched its Black Friday deals on Black Friday itself and it may do the same in 2018 on 23 November. However, as many of Sainsbury’s rivals seem to be starting their sales up to a week before and after, Sainsbury’s may also start earlier to be more competitive with other supermarkets.

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Even though it’s not Black Friday, can I still save money at Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s is always trying to outwit its rivals by having some of the best deals available all year round.

  • Use coupons from websites like DailyMail.
  • See what Sainsbury’s is currently offering for its clothing clearance sale.
  • You can also save on groceries at Sainsbury’s by checking out their special offers page or their round pound deals.
  • You can also sign up to Sainsbury’s magazine, which can keep you updated on some of their most recent deals.

What kind of products does Sainsbury’s offer throughout the year to its customers?

Deals can be found at Sainsbury’s all year. Look carefully and you will always find a way to make a saving. Have a look at the savings they currently have on women’s clothes and kid’s clothes, electronics and flooring and furniture. Also check out Sainsbury’s featured brands and for more information on Sainsbury’s deals, you can check out their offers and promotions page, which provides a lot of information on how their deals and coupons work. Remember to look online for coupons too as they can sometimes save you up to £24, you can sign up to Sainbury’s online vouchers and discount codes to start saving instantly. Also, don’t forget to sign up to newsletter for the best updates during Black Friday.

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Sainsbury’s’s fast facts

What you can expect from Sainsbury’s on Black Friday 2018:

  1. Scale: Savings as high as £150.
  2. Deal categories: Groceries
  3. Offer dates 2018: Sainsbury’s is likely to stick to 23 November for its Black Friday deals, as it did in 2017, however, in order to compete with its rivals, it may start earlier or last longer.
  4. Other saving options: Clothing clearance sale, women’s clothes, kid’s clothes, electronics, flooring and furniture and special offers.

What were the best Sainsbury’s Black Friday deals in 2017

  • Up to £100 off Linx tablets
  • Up to £220 off HD TVs
  • Savings of up to £30 on microwaves and other household appliances
  • Up to £150 off a selected cameras
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