When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday is worldwide always on the day after Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday takes place on the 23th of November. Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, although this isn’t celebrated in all countries, Black Friday originates from the U.S. and was later adapted in several other countries in the world.


Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, so almost always around the same days. Nowadays the Black Friday sales last until the monday after which is called Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday will be on the 28th of November this year.

Some Brits think Black Friday earned its ominous title because it coincides with the last pay date before Christmas. Sometimes with an agonising five-week wait until their next pay, it’s easy to see the confusion, the name Black Friday fits. But that’s not the story.


Like proms and baby showers, Black Friday was born in the USA. It has nothing to do with being the last pay day and has the hallmarks of American drama. Adults on both sides of the pond will revert to toddler tactics; some will push and pull, others will treat their chosen shop like a playground and run around the aisles. If New York’s 1920s post-Thanksgiving shoppers had witnessed such antics, they might have thought it was part of the entertainment trend which department stores like Macy’s had started. The trend of promoting Christmas the first Friday after Thanksgiving. A perfect time to lure shoppers with discounts, impress them with events and parades while advertising products. It would take another forty years for it to be given a name. It would take another fifty for it to make it to Worldwide.


When is Black Friday?


Friday after Thanksgiving, Philadelphia, 1960s. Police departments prepare for another day of what the Chicago Tribune called commercial mayhem: Friday, shoppers, now accustomed to the hype, are eager to grab a bargain. Saturday, fever-pitch as the annual Army-Navy Thanksgiving football game kicks off. For the police, this Friday marks the start of a weekend of trouble, they name it Black Friday.

Today, keeping its name, Black Friday is always the Friday following Thanksgiving. It’s usually the last Friday of November. In 2018  it’s the 23th.


Black Friday weekend and the Cyber Monday sales


Black Friday is known for its shopping frenzy, a chance to stock up on reduced-price Christmas presents. However, unlike 1920s America, Christmas adverts start while BBQs cool. But in big American style, the day has become a huge event. And as we’re in the grips of a digital era, online retailers have seized an opportunity to have their Black Friday. Rather than share it, they’ve decided to have their own. Its name: Cyber Monday. The entire weekend’s now rolled into one big shopfest.


Retailers, online and off, use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to clear the year’s stock and show off the new year’s latest. With offers on everything from TVs, toys and clothes, shoppers go crazy. Typically, high street shops like Argos, Tesco, PC World and John Lewis can open their doors as early as six so the morning workers get their bargains. Amazon and other online retailers satisfy everyone with 24/7 deals starting on Cyber Monday. Sales can run for weeks. Cyber Monday

ThanksgivingNovember 22rd 2018
Black FridayNovember 23th 2018
Black Friday weekendNovember 23 – 26 2018
Cyber MondayNovember 26th 2018