Black Friday 2016 – 25th of November


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The official Black Friday Date shifts each year, which is because it takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving every year. Black Friday Shopping has its beginnings in the United States. It has become quite a spectacle to air on media, and now the entire world is aware of the sheer size of this event. Although its date revolves around Thanksgiving, countries that do not celebrate this holiday are nevertheless starting to take part in the shopping fun that this holiday represents.


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BF Events 2016?

Event Date
Thanksgiving November 24th 2016
Black Friday November 25th 2016
BF weekend November 25th-28th
Cyber Monday November 28th 2016

BF dates upcoming years

Year Date
Black Friday 2016 Nov 25th 2016
Black Friday 2017 Nov 24th 2017
Black Friday 2018 Nov 23rd 2018
Black Friday 2019 Nov 29th 2019

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Source: IBM Commerce
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Source: IBM Commerce

Black Friday News

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