Black Friday 2017 in the UK – 24th of November

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday started in the US, but it has now evolved into its own tradition here in the UK. With thousands of retailers offering countless special deals on a wide range of products via the Internet, it is seen as being a major shopping day for the retail industry.

When is Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday in 2017 is supposed to start on 24 November. However, a number of retailers have a tendency to start their sale several days early. This does vary so you need to check the retailers out individually as to when it starts for them.

All you need to know about Black Friday

With Black Friday, our aim is to collate all of the best deals from the major retailers that are available on this major shopping day in the UK. Coming at the end of November, Black Friday traditionally signals the start of Christmas shopping when shoppers can take advantage of crazy savings.

By providing customers with these deals, the aim is to get shoppers warmed up for the Christmas rush. However, with the savings that can be made, a number of people ultimately treat themselves to something rather than thinking ahead to the Festive period.

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When is Black Friday?

Year Date
Black Friday 2017 24.11.2017
Black Friday 2018 23.11.2018
Black Friday 2019 29.11.2019
Black Friday 2020 27.11.2020
Black Friday 2021 26.11.2021

Most popular stores in Black Friday UK

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales day. We collect all information around the event for different markets, so that you do not miss anything. Why only shopping where you are? The internet is global and so are we.

Top 15 stores – Black Friday UK

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Black Friday 2017 in UK

Black Friday 2017 is sure to be even bigger than the previous year with even greater savings being made possible via different retailers. With top names now being involved from stores such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, to Apple and so many more, it will prove to be difficult for you to not find a deal that grabs your attention.

How is Black Friday in UK compared to the rest of Europe?

Europe is lagging behind the UK when it comes to Black Friday. However, more retailers across the continent are adopting this sales strategy as they see the way in which sales are boosted within the UK. In 2016, there was an estimated growth in the UK market of 66%, and with those figures, it is difficult for the rest of Europe to not sit up and take notice.

How is Black Friday in UK compared to the USA?

Black Friday in the UK is smaller in size compared to the USA, but it is fast catching up. In fact, it is estimated that the UK may very well surpass the USA when figures are compared, but there are some differences. The first is that the online version is developing faster in the UK than in the USA where physically going to a store is still the preferred option. Also, Black Friday is linked to Thanksgiving in the US whereas in the UK it is merely regarded as being an amazing sales opportunity for retailers and consumers.

Black Friday shops in the UK

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Frequently asked Black Friday questions

What is Black Friday?


Black Friday is a yearly event when retailers offer huge savings. It originated in America and has spread throughout the world. Often linked to Thanksgiving, it has lost some of its main meaning in countries outside of the USA.
The event is seen as being the starting gun for the lead-up to Christmas for retailers. With stunning savings being made possible,it is the perfect opportunity to get some of those presents at a vastly reduced price.

How did Black Friday start?


It started when stores wanted a way to increase their profits near the end of the yearly shopping season in the 1960s. Their financial books contained red ink for losses, and the goal was to make them black again for profits.

Should I wait for Black Friday?


You never have to wait to save money when you have great coupon deals on offer from places like DailyMail. Black Friday sales are often offered even on days before and after the event date.

Are there many online offers during Black Friday?


There are a vast array of online offers that are available during Black Friday in the UK. The list of retailers that provide huge savings on various products is too vast to list here. However, by checking out websites such as DailyMail, it means you can be kept up to date on the deals that are now live across the country.
With close to £2 billion being spent online in the UK on this one single day, it just goes to show that it is indeed safe to buy via the Internet. This figure is going to grow in 2017 with 2016 seeing a 12% increase on the previous year.

Isn’t it better to shop in-store for Black Friday?


Some people love the thrill of being involved in a huge event. Those who are more interested in getting the best savings and in convenience, would do best to shop online.

Is it safe to buy online during Black Friday?


When purchasing something online using a credit card, you are protected under the Consumer Rights Act for all items over £100. For faulty products under £100, you can ask your bank for a chargeback when you pay with a debit card.
For certain websites, such as eBay, using PayPal is an advisable choice, as refunds for bank transfers may not be granted. Most online shops will not ask you to pay via bank transfer, so double check the validity of the website you are ordering from before you provide any personal details.

What are the Black Friday deals?


Of course, we cannot tell what the Black Friday deals are going to be like as of yet, but we can look back to 2016 to give you a taste of what is possible. With savings such as 30% off a Samsung 40″ TV at AO, to a Dyson vacuum cleaner reduced by £170 at Argos, the deals cover every category imaginable.

Whether you are seeking deals in health and beauty, electronics, the home, entertainment, clothing, or anything else there is no doubt that you will be able to find Black Friday deals that suit your needs.

What is Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. It is usually a wonderful day for online sales, but most stores already offer Black Friday online deals up to the Monday following the Black Friday event.

Do coupons work on Black Friday?


You bet they do! And there’s no need to wait either, because lots of different specials are already online for you to check out.

Where can I find more Black Friday deals?


If you are looking for discount coupons for Black Friday you can find a selection of the best coupon codes on the discounts site of Daily Mail.
This year, they also provide you with the best product deals if you prefer to look for specific products that are discounted.