Magimix Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Magimix Black Friday sale in the UK


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The magical machine everyone wants

We’re talking about the Magimix, of course! Even British baking legend Marry Berry has this multifunctional wonder at home. The beauty of the Magimix is that it can do pretty much anything you imagine. However, having this magical device involves a big investment. That’s why you’ll want to find it on sale. At Black Friday Club, we tell you how to find the best Magimix products and deals.

Is it a food processor? No, it’s a Magimix!

Everyone keeps talking about “the Magimix”, but what exactly is it? Is it a blender, a food processor or a mixer? Magimix is actually a brand that sells a variety of kitchen appliances. However, it’s most known for its high-powered and top-performance food processors. But, they’re much more than that.
These are some things you can do with a Magimix:

  • Chopping, slicing and shredding produce
  • Making pasta and courgetti
  • Juicing fruits and vegetables

The Magimix food processor is an advanced piece of technology. These are some of its best features:

  • Powerful and intelligent motor – it will automatically adjust depending on the ingredients inside the mixing bowl
  • Automatic function – will allow you to do other things while it works
  • Pulse function – great for controlled chopping and processing
  • Heat protection – a sensor will pause when it’s overworked to keep it from damage

Magimix has a lot to offer

Being a famous and respected kitchen brand. There’s a range of Magimix products that are worth taking a look at, like blenders, juicers and slicers. However, food processors are the ultimate star products. These are available in multiple models. At the moment, the Magimix 4200XL and 5200XL models have the best online reviews.

Get an online Magimix promotion

Lots of retailers and discount websites have early deals for Black Friday. However, not every store or catalogue sells the full range of Magimix products. Today, it’s hard to tell exactly which models will get discounts and where. So, remember to check for offers regularly.

Good news: Magimix often has promotions with its products. If you buy your food processor directly from them or trusted retailers, you may get some benefits:

  • You’ll often find additional online discounts and offers. Like vouchers for free accessories and cookware
  • You’ll get a code with your purchase which you can redeem at
  • For example, you can get a free Emile Henry bread cloche with the purchase of your Magimix 4200XL or 5200XL.

An accessory for everything

The Magimix products can multitask and cook all kinds of food. All thanks to its variety of compatible accessories. These are included with your Magimix, such as different-sized bowls, stainless steel blades, slicing disks and spatulas. Also, you can buy these extra accessories, at any given time to expand the functions of your Magimix. All accessories are dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Is Magimix worth it?

The short answer is: Yes! If you’re really going to use it. Listed at £260 to £480+ depending on the model, the Magimix is a significant investment. Therefore, you should consider buying if you can afford it and love to cook!

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