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Feeling stressed? Are you tired and exhausted? Then Neom might just have the answer. Neom combines wellbeing and aromatherapy. They make fragrances that are 100% natural with your happiness in mind. Whether you’re looking for a calming candle after a busy day, or an energising shower boost in the morning, Neom Black Friday deals have got you covered.

About Neom

Neom was founded in London in 2004. Co-founder, Nicola Elliot decided to fuse together luxury with organics. Neom opened their first retail store in 2014 alongside treatment rooms.
Encouraged to go green, Neom makes organic products inspired by therapeutic treatments. Neom scents are unique and natural. Distilling parts of plants never used in fragrances before, Neom creates more than just a scent. They design products to help you sleep, reduce stress levels, and boost your energy and moods.
Their top-selling products are Neom candles which are hand-poured in the UK. They use natural vegetable waxes sourced from sustainable farms. Neom also refuses to use chemical fertilizers or artificial chemicals. Therefore, their candles are the cleanest burning candles on the market. When they burn this means they release no pollutants, nasty toxins or soot.

Bundle Package

Bundle Packages are perfect if you’re looking for a selection of products. Neom have handpicked their favourite products and added on a saving! You can find bundles like the Scent To Sleep Range, worth up to £140 for a deal of £100. What’s not to love? If you’re looking for the best deals, then here at, we recommend waiting for Neom Black Friday sales.

Refer A Friend

Why not get your friends involved? Every time you recommend Neom to a friend, you will both get 20% off. When your friends make their first purchase, both of you will receive 20% each off your orders.

Neom Products

Neom doesn’t stop at candles. They have a wide selection of other fragrance products like:

  • Natural Soap Bars
  • Essential Oils
  • Reed Diffusers
  • Pillow and Home Mists

If you’re not sure where to begin then you can look for products by shopping their wellbeing range. Shopping to suit your needs, you can find products under categories such as better sleep or less stress.
Along with fragrances, why not have a look at the Wellbeing Pod. Perfect for the whole family, the Wellbeing Pod is a mist diffuser that looks and smells wonderful. There’s no need to fill it up with water or plug it in, simply charge it up and add your favourite scent. If you’re looking to treat a loved one, Neom offers a whole range of gift products to suit all your family and friends.

Neom Points and Newsletter Discount

To make the most of Neom, why not collect Neom points? For every £1 spent, you will be rewarded with 5 points, and when you have 100 points you can spend £1 on your next order. When you place your order, the relevant number of points are added to your account and will be valid for 12 months. You can spend the points on any product on the website, so why not spend them on your Neom favourites!
When you sign up to the Neom newsletter, you’ll earn 10% off. You’ll also receive wellbeing updates and exclusive offers.
Neom is the ideal go-to for winding down or uplifting your mood. Make your home your favourite place to be, with a range of inviting scents. To find yourself the best deal, wait for Neom Black Friday.

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